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Health Coaching

" Am I willing to give up what makes me sick or unhealthy?"

Often when life is not as we want it we look outside ourselves for a solution. 


However, the solution lies within and in order 

to make changes in your life you need to make the decision that you want to change and accept that you're responsible for those changes. 

I can't do this for you  - I'm just the tour guide.


However, I will use all the skills at my disposal to help you get the result you want.

Most health challenges are as a result of our beliefs and emotions which manifest in a physical way.

Unexpressed emotions, like anger, sadness, fear and guilt are harmful if stored in the body.

These may be related to grief, relationship issues including family dynamics, trauma (past and present), anxiety, sleep issues and confidence

This also applies to fitness and performance goals which are not being met and relates to mindset (beliefs & emotions).

Stress and weight related issues also fall into this category.

You may have experienced a physical injury initially but if pain continues after the expected time for recovery or if its recurring then it's usually emotionally triggered and maintained.

This is your unconscious mind striving to get your attention so you can resolve the issue(s).

Identifying what is really going on can be highlighted in the language you use and in the area of the body which is affected, giving vital clues as to the root of the problem. 

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