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An Ancient Hawaiian tradition.

Ho'o  =  to make 

Pono = right (as in put something right)

Ho'oponopono = to make right twice.

Also known as the Forgiveness process.

A powerful technique used to help you become emotionally flat with a situation or  someone who is causing you distress.


This can be in relation to grief, relationship issues, including family, stress, anxiety, confidence, anger, boundary issues (stalking, unfaithfulness, bullying, etc.)

Effective for people you know, people you don't know, family members including children, acquaintances, yourself and for people who are no longer with us in this world but are with us in spirit.

Ho'o Ku'u

Ho'o = to make 

Ku'u = to let go, to liberate

A technique for releasing negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear and guilt, which are keeping you stuck, as well as any past trauma, in order for you to move forward in your life and realise your true potential.

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