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Empowerment is making the right decision

I've probably invested over £100,000.00 in myself over the years to enable me to make changes in my life which weren’t always easy or comfortable but have been, and still are, infinitely rewarding.

Change rarely is easy, especially when we’ve become very comfortable with the way things are.

Fear is often a major factor which holds us back from making those changes.

Fear of the unknown, fear of the consequences.

Finally, it brings you to a point where instead of thinking ‘I can’t’, it becomes ‘I must’, it seems like you no longer have a choice and so you make the decision..

The major decision for me involved deciding to leave an abusive relationship of over a decade and whilst in lots of ways I loved the life I had and even the person I was with, I hated their behaviour and how that made me feel.

I kept thinking it would get better if I changed how I was (I was constantly told it was my fault anyway).and in subtle ways I did make changes but they were never enough. As one thing was sorted, something else would be a reason for discord and abuse.

I was never going to win.

The beginning of the change process began with a comment made by a respected work colleague who saw that the skills I had could benefit other people in a different way and suggested I look into it.

I did and this enabled me to examine myself and my situation more closely with the result of me being able to just see a tiny glimpse of the future and how different it could be. The light at the end of a very long tunnel.

Even so, leaving was not an easy decision or option for me to make and despite making plans of how to execute it all, the Universe took over and delivered it all a lot sooner and more dramatically than I had anticipated.

Despite all of that, I was fortunate to have fantastic support from various people including family, friends and work colleagues as well as legal professionals.

My journey had begun and a year or so later I travelled to Australia on my own and found out so much about myself in the 7 weeks I spent there.

This had the knock on effect of seeing me travelling to The Big Island of Hawaii to attend my first Huna workshop

My personal growth and development journey continued connecting me back to the more spiritual side of my nature which had, for a long time, been set aside. #spirituaalawakening

I have been studying Huna for the past 20 years and there is still so much to learn. #hunapractitioner

I not only learnt new skills which I could apply when working with clients but also learnt and embraced a different way of living my life. .

Huna has taught me, and still does, to live life from a different perspective with a different type of lifestyle.

Huna offers principles and values with which to live by which is continually empowering.

The workshop itself has evolved over the years and is now known as Ho’omanola Halau, the school of perpetual (spiritual) empowerment where we all grow and evolve at our own pace, supporting each other wherever we are on our journey and wherever we are in the world. #spiritualempowerment

Life can be so much more fulfilling than we sometimes realise, living life on our terms, and it all starts with making that decision then committing to it and investing in yourself.

Empowerment is making the right decision.

Is it time to make yours?

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