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Growing in perceptions and capacities provides the necessary ingredients for the evolutionary process of alchemical transformation into radiant health, high consciousness and wisdom.         Ganga White         

Yoga is different things to different people.

It can be spiritual, relaxing, meditative, expression, control, or just another form of physical exercise. 

Yoga provides inner focus, balance, alignment, meditation, stillness, movement, flexibility, control, confidence, relaxation, breathing, contemplation, health and general well- being.

My personal practice is Ashtanga Vinyasa, however, yoga taught in class may be a mixture of different styles including Ashtanga and Hatha as well as drawing on and applying philosophical concepts from other schools of thinking including Huna.

I am a fully qualified Yoga teacher (YAP registered)

Yoga availability:- 

private 1:1 sessions

group sessions depending on numbers and available space

Students are required to provide their own yoga mat and any other accessories required in addition to finding a suitable place for the yoga session.

Yoga sessions maybe facilitated online if circumstances prevent face to face practice.

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