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Are you like a blocked vacuum cleaner?

Whilst vacuuming one day something was sucked up into the hose which didn’t quite make it to the collection bag. However, it was loose enough to be OK one minute and then blocked again the next.

I didn’t take much notice as the vacuum cleaner still worked (of a fashion) and so I carried on.

This state of affairs continued and then over time (months!) I realised that although the vacuum was functioning, it was no longer functioning well or efficiently and so the results were poor.

I ignored it and carried on.

Eventually, it became obvious that I was working harder than the vacuum and its efficacy was extremely low to the point of being ineffective.

Now, I HAD to do something!

I investigated by pulling it all apart and found that something had lodged itself in the pipe leading from the hose to the collection area.

I poked and prodded it and whilst it moved a little bit, it was well and truly firmly stuck. I tried to continue as before but to no avail.

I needed help. I asked someone who I knew was up to the task and they managed to remove it from its stuck position.

Now my vacuum cleaner not only works perfectly but is so much more efficient and now I don’t have to work so hard to get the results I want.

This is what happens to feelings or emotions that are stored in the body. Negative emotions in and of themselves are not harmful unless they are stored in the body and they become blocked.

This means that not only are emotions prevented from going out but also prevents any emotions from coming in.

Emotions and feelings are meant to be expressed whatever they are and whatever way is necessary or appropriate.

Like the blocked vacuum hose, blocked emotions have an adverse effect on our health and wellbeing. #emotionalblockages

This can be manifested with physical illness or conditions, constant tiredness, apathy and depression, anxiety and stress because the body is having to work harder to keep these emotions locked in when it is screaming at us that something needs fixing.

We try to convince ourselves that everything is OK and we can manage it.

But for how long?

My own personal experience of this resulted in flashbacks. Scary whenever they occur but even more so when you find yourself experiencing one when you are driving at 60 mph on a dual carriageway and your windscreen has become a movie screen!

A huge wake up call for me and one I finally took notice of.

And the next thing I needed to do? I needed to ask for help as I couldn’t, and didn’t need to, deal with it all by myself.

Fortunately, I had my own Nanny McPhee who sailed into my life just at the right time, helped me sort everything out and then sailed off again when her job was done.

I’ve acquired the skills and techniques to help you remove your blockages and restore you to full working order. #empowerment #hunapractitioner

Let me be your Nanny McPhee. #askforhelp

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